The aim of the America’s Cup Masters is to promote and run a regatta or series of regattas, match races, fleet races or demonstrations that will connect the modern high technology America’s Cup with its’ heritage and traditions. We think it would be just great to see the heritage yachts sparring again at the America’s Cup venue and generally maintaining an active and vibrant connection between heritage yachts and yachtsmen and the modern America’s Cup.

The America’s Cup Masters is intended to enhance the America’s Cup season by incorporating the heritage component of the sport, a highly successful concept, easily adapted from motor sport. The powerful combination of nostalgia and high technology has transformed both the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Goodwood Revival Meetings into the most popular and inspirational events in the motor sporting calendar.

And the spectacular America’s Cup Jubilee Regatta at Cowes in 2001 was a clear demonstration that the combination of heritage and high technology proposed by America’s Cup Masters will transfer to yachting with the same phenomenal success as in the motor sporting world.

The America’s Cup Masters could be run at any venue but the America’s Cup story began at Cowes in 1851 and therefore it is historically appropriate that Cowes and Newport should eventually be adopted as the principal venues for the Masters except in Cup years when the Masters will ideally be run as a complimentary race series to the America's Cup at the America’s Cup venue.

The idea is that the Masters regatta will be open only to yachts formally used in the America’s Cup or yachts of the former America's Cup classes (pre-Universal and Universal Rule, J-Class, 12 Metre and International America’s Cup Class and any future yachts or classes of yacht previously connected with the America’s Cup as required) and their crews, past, present and future. We hope that eventually by integrating heritage yacht racing with the America’s Cup, the Masters will help to increase both media and spectator interest and sponsorship revenues for the America’s Cup itself.

In its’ simplest form America’s Cup Masters can be run as an independent classic yacht competition based on the existing individual Class regatta schedules with the ultimate objective of full integration with the America’s Cup, operated as a joint venture by the Trustee and the Class Associations.

The America’s Cup Masters is a unique opportunity for a sponsor with vision and enthusiasm to help create one of the world's great new sailing events. If you’re interested, let’s get started.


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